Aerial Filming Case Study: Key Yachting

By February 11, 2015 Case Study No Comments

If you own a yacht business or are privately selling a yacht, nothing shows off the luxury possession quite like a professionally shot aerial video. The best way to promote a boat is to film it in action, sailing through the water blissfully. However it’s pretty hard to achieve this kind of footage and get it looking professional, without spending a fortune. Key Yachting wanted to produce a high end video to showcase their yacht from the air, without the expense of a helicopter.

Luckily UAViate were on hand to take on the project, and show the team at Key Yachting what drones are capable of. We spent three hours filming aerial footage of the yacht sailing from Hamble to Southampton, and the finished product is fantastic. Not many drone pilots have the skills and expertise to fly over water and ensure safe take-off and landing from moving sites. However, our professional drone pilots did this on the day with no problem.

Why is it so difficult to get it right when at sea? Flying drones off shore requires much more technical skill than on land. The take-off and landing sites are always moving, and there is the constant changing of wind speed and direction to consider. There is much less margin for error when flying drones over water – such as with a project like this. For Key Yachting’s film we took out a motorboat as the drone take-off site, and undertook a number of flights to ensure we captured the high quality footage for the final film.

Drones are perfect for aerial filming of boats, as they are much smaller and easier to operate than helicopters. There is a much lower downdraft from the drone compared to a helicopter, meaning it doesn’t disturb the sails when in motion. This means a drone can get much closer than a helicopter, and it’s those up close and personal shots used alongside the distant aerial shots of the boat that make an amazing promotional video clip.

The yachting client was really happy with the final edited footage – all of which was achieved from a tiny drone instead of a large, expensive helicopter. If you own a yacht or a yachting business and are thinking of fresh new ways to promote it, then drone aerial footage could be for you. Contact us for further information.

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