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Drone Training in the UK

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Here at UAViate we get quite a lot of emails asking what is the best route in to the industry, how to get a job as a drone pilot and what drone training in the UK might be suitable.


In order to fly for a commercial organisation, a pilot will need to have undertaken a CAA recognised drone training course that has assessed their theoretical and practical competence. This course will lead to the issue of a CAA recognised qualification.


All courses will have been audited by the CAA to ensure they satisfy the fundamentals however many courses will ‘add value’ by going above and beyond the standard requirements.


All courses vary in their structure in terms of when you attend the theory and practical elements. One advantage of the UAQ course delivered by UAV-Air is that it is available in a fully integrated format (similar to the manned world) whereby the theory and practical elements can be completed in 3 consecutive days. If the pilot successfully passes all the component parts they are qualified to fly under an existing operations manual by day 4.

The UAQ drone training course has been designed by manned aviators with over 20,000 hours of commercial operations and RPAS professionals with many years of safe civilian operations in some of the busiest environments the UK can offer. We were delighted to be part of the process along with Cloud12 and hope we have ensured the course contains a ‘best of both worlds’ approach.


If you would like to undertake a course to fly drones commercially and are looking for a CAA approved NQE then visit


For individuals who also wish to set up an organisation and obtain a PFAW then an operations manual will be required. We’ll cover this in a future blog.

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