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The Benefits of Drone Filming for Estate Agents

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The Benefits of Drone Filming for… Estate Agents

High end real estate is a fascinating business, with countless techniques and tactics used to get buyers signing on the dotted line. While traditional methods such as eye-level photographs, brochures, open property viewings and expert ‘sales talk’ are all important, aerial footage captured by a drone can seriously boost the effectiveness of any campaign. Here’s how!

Allows buyers to envisage themselves using the property

Helping buyers to imagine themselves utilising or living in a property is one of the keys to acing a career as an estate agent. While ground photographs are important taking buyers into the sky and offering them a bird’s eye perspective will take your sales strategy to a whole new level!

Offers an overview of the area

When shopping for property potential buyers aren’t just looking at the house itself. The surrounding areas and neighbourhoods play a huge role in determining whether or not they’ll sign on the dotted line. When you use a drone to capture bird’s eye footage of a property you’ll be offering buyers-to-be a complete visual overview of the area in all is glory.

Captures scope and scale

If you’re considering hiring a drone to capture aerial footage of a property, it’s likely that you’ve got a pretty spectacular estate on your hands. Whether it’s a sprawling Victorian mansion, a new neighbourhood development or a historic castle, a drone will capture the impressive scale of the property with ease. The city of Southampton and its county of Hampshire are home to some pretty spectacular properties and without aerial footage to capture their expanse you’ll be selling yourself, your clients and the property short.

A cost effective option

While helicopters can cost over tens of thousands of pounds for just one session drones are incredibly affordable. They are capable of achieving the same HD cinema standard footage at a reasonable price that can be budgeted into the sales strategy of any high end property.

Galvanises eye-level footage

Creating captivating videos is a tried and tested technique used by many high end estate agents. Eye-level footage is an important part of showcasing a property however when combined with the drama and eminence of sweeping bird’s eye footage your shots will have a much higher impact.

Are you a real estate agent who has used drone footage to supercharge your sales strategy? What’s your favourite benefit? We want to know!

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