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UAViate Flying Drones for Aerial Video

Drones Bring A New Angle to Aerial Filming in Movies

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Aerial Filming in Blockbuster Films…..

…. used to be the sole preserve of helicopters but drones are now delivering movie grade footage at a fraction of the price. Not only are they cheaper but they are capturing shots never seen before on the big screen as they fly through windows and doors and perform the job of a 400ft jib. Helicopters will always have their place on the movie set for aerial footage as their endurance and payload capacity cannot currently be matched by drones. However, for low level chase scenes around metropolitan areas, city centre rivers and built up areas drones are proving their worth.

Flying Drones in Congested Areas…..

…. is not without challenges, as there are many authorities to liaise with. On a recent job with Cloud 12 in London we had to seek permission from the Diplomatic Protection Group, Film London, the local boroughs, the local police, National Air Traffic Services and the Civil Aviation Authority. Closing streets, dynamic traffic management and pedestrian marshals ensured the public were never at risk.

Here’s three films that have used drone footage for some unique perspectives…..

Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines

Aerial filming by the ‘Drone Crew’ from South Africa.

Wolf of Wall Street

Drone pilots ‘Freefly Cinema’ from the USA provided the aerial cinematography for this shoot.


The aerial footage for the motorbike chase scene in Istanbul was filmed by Flying Cam inc.

Read more about what Film London had to say about drone flying in congested areas here:

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