Drone Qualification

Are you looking for a drone job or a route into the drone industry? There is currently no such thing as drone licence so in order to fly commercially for an organisation you will need to undertake a drone training course leading to a qualification capable of satisfying the requirements of a PFAW.

As industry leaders we thought the market was lacking in a drone training provider which produced high quality drone pilots who were able to operate in challenging environments. Piloting a drone over a field in the back end of nowhere isn’t particularly challenging but here at UAViate we need pilots who can fly safely in some of the busiest controlled airspace amongst other air users over some of the most congested cities in the UK. Planning is a key part of ensuring all the risks have been identified, liaising with key stake holders such as the police, ATC and local authorities. Furthermore, there are many lessons that have been learnt the hard way in aviation and should be applied to drone operations. We need to ensure our drone pilots understand the fundamental principles of manned aviation while applying a new way of working in the lower stratum of airspace.


Drone Training Course

In order to deliver a more rounded drone training course to tackle these issues and deliver a higher calibre of operator, a drone pilot who we could be confident could work on some of the high profile operations we have undertaken, we decided to team up with another leading operator Cloud12 and a team of professional airline pilots each holding an Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) from UAV Air to design a drone training course that would rise above the rest. Getting input from other operators and instructors we refined the training course until it met our own high standards.


Qualified to Fly Commercially in 3 days

The Integrated UAQ course is a CAA approved course delivered by UAV Air, a recognised CAA National Qualified Entity (NQE). It is the only course in the UK where if successful you can be qualified to fly within 3 days.

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