Flying Drones and Aerial Filming in the UK

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Drone Flying and Aerial Filming

Rules Regarding Drone Flying in the UK

The rules in the UK could be considered common sense, stay away from people and busy areas and don’t fly near buildings or airports. Some people don’t have common sense though and are oblivious to everything around them. My girlfriend is one of those people, bags of intelligence but no common sense to go with it, luckily she doesn’t fly drones!

Other Airspace Users

There are lots of other airspace users we need to share the sky with; air ambulances, police, gliders, parachutists, hang gliders and military low level aircraft. The easiest way to avoid these airspace users is to stay below 400ft (unless following FPV-UK guidelines) and away from areas specifically used for such activities. You can find these areas marked on aeronautical charts such as skydemonlight or websites such as noflydrones. Have a quick look before you fly somewhere new.

New Drone Pilots

Those of you who have just got a new drone for christmas will save a lot of money if you read the manual thoroughly. Ensure you understand the difference between GPS mode, atti and manual. How to get a satellite lock before you take off and how to do the compass dance. You don’t want £500+ worth of kit flying away or crashing into the ground! Have a look on facebook for some great groups full of knowledgeable pilots and learn cheaply from the mistakes that others have already made.

Aerial Filming

Aerial video and using your drone for photography is a great way to get the most out of your new aircraft.  Share your images on facebook groups and learn how to tweak colours, remove fisheye and stitch multiple images together. Remember though unless you have a Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW) you can’t sell these images or receive any valuable consideration. Look up Resource Group or EuroUSC if you want to become a commercial drone pilot.

Have fun, be safe and fly smart!


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