UAViate Captures Bird’s Eye Footage of Luxury Catamaran

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The UK’s leading provider of drone consultancy services turned its sights to the seas earlier this month when it was commissioned to capture aerial footage of a luxury leisure craft. Using next generation drone equipment UAViate was able to record aerial HD video of a 40 foot Nautitech catamaran worth a cool £400,000. The result was stunning helicopter-standard material without the sky high price tag.


The footage was commissioned by British based filmic fiction group, Fiction Foundry. The strategic partnership with the forward thinking film production company was carried out on behalf of Key Yachting Ltd, an exclusive UK agent and distributor for J Boats, Grand Soleil, Tofinou and Nautitech catamarans throughout the UK and Ireland.


When teamed with video captured by the expert team of ground crew Fiction Foundry was left with a wealth of content. Professional editing, custom-composed music and a plethora of creativity have underpinned the creation of a captivating marketing campaign. The footage will be showcased at Key Yachting’s stand at the upcoming 2015 London Boat Show. The video will also be published on the UAViate website in January.


A spokesman for UAViate says, “We had an incredible time filming aerial footage in collaboration with Fiction Foundry and Key Yachting Ltd. There were a number of sailing specific filming precautions that needed to be taken into account however our expert team are well trained and pulled off the project with utter professionalism.”


For yacht and sailing websites looking to enrich the quality of their online presence a digital video featuring Hollywood standard aerial footage is a savvy solution. In fact, the latest research indicates that video is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the web. Digital Sherpa’s self-published Small Business Video Marketing Guide delved into the effectiveness of the dynamic technique and unveiled some promising results. Websites featuring videos are 50 times more likely to secure first page rankings on search engines while videos enhance consumer understanding of a product or service by 74% and boost the likelihood of customer sales conversions by a huge 64%. Furthermore the content marketing group predicts that by 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. UAViate is helping the yachting industry stay at the vanguard of the digital video trend with its expert drone operations and consultancy service.


As Britain’s go-to drone consultancy provider UAViate’s expertise extends to a range of niche sectors, including the marine industry. The team has a thorough understanding and aptitude for the specialist skills needed to take off and land from a moving vessel. All sailing projects are accompanied by bespoke risk management strategies to ensure the paramount safety of cast and members.


UAViate’s drone aerial video service is set at a fixed price of £550 per day, per location. The price includes unlimited raw footage, 4K, HD or SD format and heights of up to 400 feet.


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