The Benefits of Drone Filming for… Yachting

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The Benefits of Drone Filming for… Yachting


The yachting industry represents the epitome of luxury leisure pursuits and is a lucrative source of profit for a plethora of companies across the globe. In the UK alone experts estimate that the 2013/14 value of the nation’s superyacht industry sits at a huge £492 million. This figure represents a 7.1% increase from 2012/13 figures. As the world emerges from the midst of a global economic recession the future is looking brighter and brighter for the sector. Particularly for the UK’s major yachting hubs of Hamble, Hampshire and Southampton!

It’s now necessary to film the vessels in a range of different scenarios, from company advertisements and music videos to training tapes and movies. So what are the benefits of drone filming in the yachting industry? Here are a few of our favourites:

Overcome the swell

One of the major challenges of filming at sea is trying to secure stable footage while floating on a dynamic body of water. Whether it’s an ocean, a river or a lake even the calmest of conditions can still result in wobbly cameras and footage that is guaranteed to induce sea sickness! By getting above the water and into the air drones allow directors to capture crystal clear HD footage.


Capture sheer scale

Remember being absolutely captivated by the sweeping shots of The Titanic in James Cameron’s epic blockbuster? While they were computer generated, what made the footage so mesmerising was the fact that it offered viewers a bird’s eye perspective of the vessel, a technique that really captures the sheer scale and impressive presence of a boat. For the yachting industry this is a hugely effective way to capture the imagination of your audience, whether they’re in the market for a luxury yacht, watching a film or viewing an advertisement.

Cost effectiveness

By far one of the major benefits of drone footage is its affordability. Hiring a helicopter comes with a sky-high price tag yet for a fraction of the cost a drone can achieve the same HD footage.


Refining professional techniques

For professional sailors wishing to refine their technique drone footage can be extremely insightful. By analysing bird’s eye recordings the team can refine positioning, manoeuvres, tactics, starts, mark roundings and more! It’s the ultimate tool for supercharging performance.


Enhanced flexibility

Unlike filming on dry land the surface area camera operators have to work with on yachts is incredibly limited. This is where drones come in useful! They can reach spaces and capture footage that simply wouldn’t be possible using a handheld camera. They also far outperform helicopters when it comes to capturing intimate and up-close footage.

What’s your favourite benefit of using drones to capture at-sea yachting footage? Hire UAViate to show your yacht in its best light and you’ll see for yourself the endless possibilities of using drone technology.

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