UAViate’s Best Drone Aerial Videos of 2014

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Drone Aerial Video

Top Aerial Films of 2014

Just because a drone video goes viral doesn’t necessarily make it a ‘good’ video and there’s plenty of household name sites putting up lists of top drone videos which are shockingly bad, jerky, dangerous or illegal . There’s more to drone filming than flying recklessly over a crowd, illegally near an airport or crashing into a tree.

Here’s our top selection of drone aerial video from 2014. These aerial cinematographers have brought together all the aspects needed to make a drone video worthy of going viral. A great subject, smooth camera work, good lighting and a soundtrack to match the mood conveyed in the video; all illustrated in this top five. Often a video that looks easy to make is far from it and requires a lot of technical skill.  Each of the first four  videos below all have one thing in common, if you don’t guess straight away we’ll let you know by clip five.

I hope you will agree that these videos are worthy of being in our ‘best of 2014.’

Title: Koh Yao Noi

Pilot: Phillip Bloom

This video is testament to the fact that an expensive camera and aircraft are not needed to make an amazing video. It might help that Philip Bloom is a director and film maker himself but this is a great example of what can be done with entry level kit.

Title:  Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl

Pilot: Danny Cooke

Another example of a great aerial video produced with entry level kit. The soundtrack matches the slow moving shots of the phantom, together with the desolate environment they convey a true sense of emptiness.

Title: Pipeline Winter 2013

Pilot: Eric Sterman

Making action sports look cinematic isn’t that easy but I think Eric Sterman has done a fantastic job here with his drone. Some cool editing, unusual music and gnarly waves are the perfect ingredients for this aerial film. Technically from end of 2013 but not really seen by the masses until 2014.

Title:  Thailand from Above

Pilot: Robert Serrini

Thailand obviously makes a good subject for filming as it’s here again. This time we’re in Koh Phi Phi with Robert Serrini.

Title: Danny Macaskill: The Ridge

Pilot: Lec Park

This film is more than just drone footage but that in itself is a great point to make. Drone video should compliment ground based footage and can really elevate the look of the film. Drone footage makes productions look expensive. This is the only video in our selection that isn’t filmed on a GoPro/Phantom combo (did you guess that already?)

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